I am voting for JUDGE PETER SAKAI…

Judge Peter Sakai,Dr. Lorece Porter Williams, and her son Nick Williams

Dr. Lorece Porter Williams, former Professor at Our Lady of the Lake University has provided guidance, vision, and direction, to community agencies. As a teacher, Professor Williams has imparted her wisdom to countless students who carried her mission into the field. As an author and playwright, Professor Williams has brought her message to people of all ages and walks of life.

Judge Sakai visited Dr. Williams to thank her for the letter he received from her expressing her support for his decision to run for the position of County Judge of Bexar County. Her son, Nick Williams, echoed his mother’s endorsement of Judge Sakai.

Endorsement of Judge Peter Sakai

As a retired professor from Our Lady of the Lake University, I continue to be blessed with interacting with many special individuals who continue to influence me in many ways. Judge Peter Sakai continues to top that list. The classes that I taught included Cultural Diversity. That class included all age groups, gender issues, religious orientation, geographic locations, class differences, racial differences, historical backgrounds, problems of all areas affecting our lives across generations., legal issues, etc.

Interactions with Judge Sakai touched me across those issues. I speak to others about those things, as I recommend him so highly to be our next County Judge. His qualifications, his grace, wisdom, insight, and experience make him truly the chosen one.

Thanks to each of you who join me in supporting him for our next County Judge.

Hand written letter

Marilyn Sepich
The Honorable Judge Peter Sakai has made a difference in the lives of countless children and families in Texas and is well-deserving of the 2020 Luminary Award from the Prevention and Early Intervention Division of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. From his years on the bench and from his own study and research, as well as interacting with thousands of children, youth and families, Judge Sakai has shown in his work his understanding of the value of families being stronger, together. 

For many years, my goal had been to earn a Master of Social Work degree with a focus on research and public policy.

During the FALL of 1988 I returned to college. At that time, I began studies for the Bachelor of Social Work degree. Earning a degree in Social Work requires several internships. That first semester Introduction to Social Work required a six-week internship.

I decided to volunteer as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). Once the application was approved by CASA and Our Lady of the Lake, Worden School of Social Work, my first internship began.

The training was very comprehensive and prepared volunteers to gather information from people in the child’s life, family, friends, case workers and legal representation. A report of the findings in relation to interviews and reading of pertinent records is submitted to CASA Supervisors for review prior to presentation of the report to the Court.

A ceremony with fellow classmates was held to confirm our role as volunteers in the Court representing the children and families whose lives were changed by their involvement with Texas Child Protective Services. After the ceremony, I was given my first child to represent. The Court date for the report was in less than a week away. This child is the primary reason that the six-week internship became a three-year commitment.

Over the three-years with CASA I worked on several CPS cases. Meeting with professionals to gather information about their experience while representing the children and other people whose relationship to the children had an impact upon their lives.

While I am not certain of the exact date; I was assigned to represent a young woman whose ad litem (Court appointed attorney) was Judge Peter Sakai. By this time, I had met with a number of attorneys ad litem during my tenure as a CASA volunteer.

Honestly, I would not be readily able to name other attorneys ad litem that I met through CASA. Judge Sakai left a lasting impression throughout our working on behalf of the young woman and her family.

When I first spoke with Judge Peter Sakai it was over the phone and resulted in an impressive conversation with him. As I mentioned the young woman’s name Judge Sakai immediately knew the conditions complicating her involvement with CPS and the associated systems. This is remarkable as many adlitems did not know details and often did not respond at all.

Since my experience with Judge Sakai, I have followed his work to bring our social systems up to par. By paying attention to his assent in the Children’s Court it was apparent to me that this gentleman was in-tune with our community.


Supporter & Friend Anna Alvarado

I’ve known Peter since my days in high school and have known him to be a man of integrity. I have recently moved from Houston to San Antonio and have been a registered Republican since the 80’s, however, I will be crossing over to vote for Peter, not only because he is my dear friend but mainly because I have seen over the years, since he became a Judge, how much he cares about our children and families. I personally believe that the time has come for ALL AMERICANS to see candidates with integrity, a caring loving heart toward families, which are the foundation of our country. That said, I urge my fellow Republicans to vote for Peter, the candidate that will make things right and just!

Dr. T. Paul Furukawa, LMSW
and Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) T. Paul Furukawa, Medical Service Corps, U.S. Army with his wife, Margaret Salvatierra-Earl

Shortly after I moved back to San Antonio in 1996, I joined the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) as a social worker and program manager. Representing the SAPD, I was invited to speak to students and community members on a panel on social and criminal justice at a local university.Seated next to me on the panel was this distinguished and polished judge who described the law with clarity and how this was so important to concerned citizens.


He was as interested in my thoughts about treating and preventing domestic violence as I was about his views as a judge that tried family violence cases week after week. Judge Peter Sakai’s leadership in addressing domestic violence locally has kept Bexar County on the forefront of comprehensive municipal and county-wide planning. He has taken his expertise and compassion on this and other local issues to announce his running for Bexar County Judge, the leader of the County’s Commissioners Court.
When I asked Peter how I could help him, he responded: “I appreciate your support. May I ask for a campaign contribution to the Judge Peter Sakai for County Judge Campaign? You can send your check to the campaign address P.O. Box 15395, San Antonio, TX. 78212. Any amount would be deeply appreciated for County Judge. Your friendship and support are very much appreciated.” I understand that I was the Campaign’s first donor.
As you enjoy the holiday season and prepare for a busy 2022, please join me as we plan for Bexar County’s continued success and welcome the talented and compassionate Judge Peter Sakai as its next top leader.


Above: Adoption performed by Judge Sakai on December 20, 2007, for Priscilla Nash and her husband.

I met Judge Sakai along the campaign trail with my boss and a friendship began. He took time out of his schedule on this date (Picture Above). December 20, 2007, and he finalized our adoption of our son. Judge Sakai is a man of selflessness, compassion, integrity, honesty, and a friend to everyone he meets. – Priscilla Nash

This is my family now along with my brother sitting in front. The young man in the white shirt is the baby I’m holding on the picture above. The young woman in an orange t-shirt which was adopted during the mass adoption in 2005 started by Judge Sakai and Arabia Vargas. graduated last December with her bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M San Antonio.


Marta Pelaez –

We developed programs to address the needs of the children more than anything else at the time, and he put such personal interest in every aspect of those programs. He would come to the sessions; he would come to the graduation of the participants in celebrating families especially. In the 20-plus years that I have been with this agency, I have not seen any other judge take such personal interest.

Annette Rodriguez –

One of the things that really struck me about the judge is he really knows his community. He knows the families that are coming through his courts. From the bench, he’s able to identify the community needs, he’s able to identify the challenges that families are facing, and that children are facing. And so being able to sit down with him and have him talk about specific teen moms that have gone through his court was really amazing. And what it shared with me was that this was a man that was invested in his work, invested in our community, and invested in families.