I am a public servant and committed to public service

For the past 26 years, I have worked to serve the public in different capacities. For the past 15 years, I served as the Local Administrative Judge for the District Courts and Administrative Judge of Children’s Courts. In my role as a District Court Judge, I have worked with all stakeholders to protect children, empowered families, and improved the child safety system in Bexar County.

As Bexar County Judge, my focus will be on enhancing the public services for each resident in Bexar County. The next County Judge will face many challenges including developing robust and resilient systems to address the COVID-19 pandemic, domestic violence, greater access to technology and the internet, economic development, public infrastructure, comprehensive education, health care services, workforce development, and job placement.

As the Local Administrative Judge for the District Courts, I was responsible to all the district judges, their staff, and all constituencies to positively address all matters including budget, local rules, and other initiatives before them. 

I bring an unmatched depth of county-wide experience, not only as a judge but as somebody who has and will continue to work with Bexar County residents, experts, and stakeholders to meet the challenges facing Bexar County now, and into the future.

Bexar County

4th Most Populated County in Texas

1,256 Square Miles



I will work tirelessly to make Bexar County the county of “Choice” for new business startups, business expansion, and corporate headquarter relocations.

I am committed to growing all business sectors of our economy with a focus on technology and cyber-security sectors, biomedical, manufacturing, and continued support of all of our military installations and missions.

I will actively engage with all stakeholders to promote and strengthen our job training and workforce development programs.

I will look for opportunities to engage in Public-Private Partnerships to ensure every worker has the skillsets necessary to keep our economy running strong.

Economic Development Challenges Include:

Workforce Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Capital

TOGETHER, WE can ensure a bright future for Bexar County full of opportunity. Let us make it happen with everyone at the table.


We must recognize that education is the fundamental core of our community – it is the key to upward mobility and financial security for all our citizens. An educated workforce positively impacts our entire economy. Even though the County is not directly responsible for the educational systems from Pre-K to college, it is an integral part of helping to make the system strong and viable for all students. COVID-19 taught us how vulnerable our educational systems/services are simply because a student’s ability to access high-speed internet. I am committed to lead a collaborative effort to bring all educational institutions, the workforce training programs such as those provided by the Alamo College District to create a pipeline to college or workforce. We successfully accomplished this initiative for our foster children in our College Bound Docket in Children’s Courts. With the immediate changes in technology, logistics and manufacturing, it will be essential to provide training for our labor force to acquire new skills and knowledge to fuel the cutting-edge jobs in the foreseeable future. 

TOGETHER, WE can celebrate educational excellence by improving communication, collaboration, and coordination.

Bexar needs to be prepared…

Judge Sakai will lead Bexar County.


Infrastructure is the organizational structures that include more than buildings, roads, and parks. It is the social and economic network of Bexar County. As County Judge, my focus will be on developing and supporting new strategies to address the challenges the infrastructure network will present in the years to come. 

Our transportation infrastructure must grow to meet the needs of our citizens and the business community. I will work to develop and support new strategies to relieve roadway congestion and multi-modal transportation services, including Public-Private Partnerships.

Bexar County needs to maximize every finance method and construction tool to leverage its assets and resources for the common good of the county’s collective taxpayers. Constructing smart roadways and multi-modal projects will help sustain a robust economy, efficiently get workers to their jobs, increase delivery of products, and supplies to businesses, and more importantly, help mitigate the burdensome state and federal regulations associated with non-attainment air quality standards.

Our housing infrastructure also needs attention. We must do all we can to positively address our housing supply. I will work to maximize partnerships and Interlocal Agreements, identify housing gaps for at-risk individuals and families, support affordable and quality housing, include private-sector developers, and explore Public-Private Partnerships for solutions.

TOGETHER, WE can build a world-class county.


Through strong and effective leadership and with our citizens’ big compassionate heart for our Bexar County children and families, TOGETHER WE will maximize the following opportunities…

  • Building a stronger and vibrant economy through collaboration with the private, public, and governmental sectors. 
  • Maximize the efficient and effective use of funding like the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and other funding sources to address the economic and infrastructure challenges in Bexar County. 
  • Embrace new world technology, and cybersecurity especially with our strong military presence and educational institutions that focus on economic growth through technology to promote sustainability. 
  • Break down silos and augment intergovernmental partnerships to leverage funds to improve constituent services, incentivize growth, and maximize taxpayers’ dollars. 
  • Keep our community focused on the needs of our children and families, especially those most at risk especially our abused and neglected children. Recognize that our community has the biggest heart and compassion in the country for children and families.