On December 1, 2017 Donna Kay McKinney, Bexar County District Clerk announces the results of the recent election by the District Court Judges in Bexar County. The District Judges unanimously elected Judge Peter Sakai, 225th District Court to serve a two-year term as the Local Administrative Judge of Bexar County District Courts.

Judge Sakai will serve as representative of all the District Court judges with rules pursuant to Sec. 74.091 Government Code, as Local Administrative District Judge some of his duties are:

  1. Implement and execute the local rules of administration, including the assignment, docketing, transfer, and hearing of cases.
  2. Appoint any special or standing committees necessary or desirable for court management and administration.
  3. Supervise the expeditious movement of court caseloads, subject to local, regional, and state rules of administration.
  4. Supervise the employment and performance of nonjudicial personnel.
  5. Coordinate and cooperate with any other local administrative judge in the district in the assignment of cases in the courts’ concurrent jurisdiction for the efficient operation of the court system and the effective administration of justice.
  6. Establish a court security committee to adopt security policies and procedures for the courts served by the local administrative district judge.